Romanian Champion

I won my Romanian Championship at the fortress of Oradea. 

366 Days 

In Hódmezövásárhely I achieved Ex1, CAC, CACIB and BOB in all three days and got the last of the neccessary certificates for both the Hungarian and International Championships within the minimum time frame of exact 366 days. 

International Companion Dog Trial IBGH1

Bianca and I passed the International Companion Dog Trial IBGH1 with „Very Good“ and 90/100 points. Photo©️Katrin Neumayer

German Spitz stud dog Croatia

Gone Sailing 

My family took me sailing on the Adriatic. See what a great time we had here.

Croatian Champion

I received this beautiful certificate für my Croatian championship.

Companiondog Trial BH-VT (FCI)

Bianca and I passed the Companiondog Trial together. Now it‘s official: I‘m the best companion anyone could wish for - but we knew that already. I can sit and stay, heel, come when called and stay calm around people, other dogs, cars and bicycles.

I’ve become a Dad!

Guccy von Fritzi‘s Wölfen gave birth to a male puppy. Dam and puppy are both very well and I could‘t be prouder. Here are some pictures
Photo©Friederike Pelikan

Slovak Champion

I got mail: Following the double CACIB in Lučenec a few weeks ago now my Slovak championship has been confirmed with a certificate and a ribbon. After five junior championships this is now my first „adult“-championship.

Croatian champion stud dog keeshond wolfspitz German spitz

Dalmatia Dog Show 2023

At the double CACIB in Dubrovnik and the CAC in Dugo Selo I achieved 3x Ex1, 3x CAC, 2x CACIB and 3x BOB. Now I have the four neccessary CACs to become Croatian Champion. I still have to wait until my second birthday for the title to be formally awarded to me though.


Guccy and Kessy von Fritzi‘s Wölfen came to visit me and it was love at first sight! Not even the freezing rain could deter us so now we‘re hoping for two litters of lovely Old German Type Keeshond puppies  which are expected around the middle of June 2023.

Victory Junior Winner

At Victory Dog Show in Bratislava, a competition solely for confirmed national champions and junior champions, I achieved Ex1, CAC and the title Victory Junior Winner.

Keeshond breeding bitches

Blind Date

The ink on my breeding approval has hardly dried and there are already two beautiful ladies waiting for a date with me and hoping to have puppies from me. Guccy and Kessy von Fritzi’s Wölfen will come to visit me soon.
Photo©Friederike Pelikan

Austrian Show Winner 2022 Keeshond

Austrian Show Winner 2022

I am proud to say I was the most successful Keeshond in Austria in 2022. 

Keeshond stud dog breeding

Stud Dog 

With my results at the dog show in Brno I have now fulfilled all requirements to be confirmed as a FCI stud dog. As soon as it’s registered in my papers I will be looking forward to meeting with young four-legged eligible silver-haired ladies.


Do you know mantrailing and pettrailing? I tried it and I can tell you it was great fun! I'll tell you more about it and show you some pictures here  

International Junior Champion

We got mail from Belgium: FCI,  Federation Cynologique Internationale confirmed my International Junior Championship and sent us a beautiful certificate. Now I officially hold the title Champion International de Beauté Jeune. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it? 

Hungarian Junior Champion and first CAC

In Komárom I achieved my third Hungarian Ex1, plus Best Junior and BOS Best of Other Sex, which now makes me Hungarian Junior Champion.   
On the two following days I competed with the "big guys" for the first time and won CAC and Reserve CACIB on both days, furthermore I can call myself Derby Winner.

Slovak Junior Champion

What a weekend! Two days of fabulous sunshine in Bratislava and pouring rain on the third day. But, most important: I got Ex1 and with it CAJC on all three days, plus on all three days Junior BOB and also BOB on all three days! That makes me Slovak Junior Champion!
Here is a report and some photos.

Family Meet-Up

The whole family - siblings, uncle, aunties, mummy, grandma - got together for a hike on Peilstein mountain. Here are lots of pictures of all of us.


First BOB!

In Agárd/Székesfehérvár I won BOB Best of Breed for the first time in my young career! Mom is all excited - but I've already gone to bed. There's a big day at the dog show ahead of us tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep ;-)
See the pictures here!

HD Röntgen Wolfspitz in Narkose

HD - ED - OD - PL

We went for X-rays today! I needed to be put under a short general anesthesia so that I'd lie really still and that the doc could get good pictures. The results couldn't be better: hip displasia, elbow displasia, osteochondris dissecans, patellar luxation - no abnormality detected anywhere! My joints are totally healthy! This is important not just for myself because I hopefully won't develop arthrosis, but it is also a prerequisite that I can become a stud dog one day. 

Hund auf SUP mit Schwimmweste

SUP Stand-Up-Paddling

We went paddling! It was fantastic! I got wet, but just by choice - neither Mom nor I fell into the water! Here is a report with lots of photos.

ÖKV Österreichischer Jugendchampion Jugend-Champion

Austrian Junior Champion

The certificate of the Austrian Association of Cynologists ÖKV came in! The three Ex1 at Austrian dog shows officially made me Austrian Junior Champion!

Tschechischer Jugendchampion Česky Junior Šampion Českomoravska Kynologická Unie

Czech Junior Champion

Third time is a charm: The three CAJC at Prague Expo Dog made me Czech Junior Champion

Dog Show Winner Hundeausstellung

Prague Expo Dog

A fantastic dog show weekend:
- on the first day I won my first BOS (Best Opposite Sex) with Ex1 and CAJC
- on the second day I won Ex1, CAJC, BOS und also BOJ (Best of Juniors)
- and on the third day I got Ex1, CAJC und BOJ

Aramis von der Riegerwiese Alpensieger

IHA Klagenfurt

In Klagenfurt I won my third Ex1 in Junior Class, with which I have fulfilled the requirements to become Austrian Junior Champion.