Litter „O“ von Fritzi‘s Wölfen

Aramis von der Riegerwiese x Kessy von Fritzi‘s Wölfen
*4.6.2024 (3/6)

newborn Keeshond puppies old German Type Wolfsspitz

Kessy von Fritzi’s Wölfen delivered three dogs and six bitches on 4 June 2024.
Foto ©️Friederike Pelikan

Keeshond dam with litter of puppies German Wolfspitz

Labor and delivery were easy and uncomplicated
Foto©️Friederike Pelikan

newborn Keeshond German Wolfspitz puppies in whelping box

The puppies’ eyes and ears are still closed in the first days of life but they can already crawl around in their whelping box
Foto©️Friederike Pelikan