My Humans

Laura Hantschel

Laura and Heinz

My Mom Laura and my Dad Heinz have had dogs for decades. I love to play in the large garden with Laura and my big brother Dominik and to cuddle with them.

Bianca Hantschel


Bianca takes me to dog training classes and teaches me all kinds of things. Sometimes I can even go to work with her. Best of all is when I get to go on vacation with her and Goran. 

Goran Hantschel


Goran and Bianca are the dream-team that do so many things with me. They take me to dog shows and on vacation, take me along to restaurants and simply let me be a part of their daily life. 

My Pack


German Giant Spitz Dominik is my big brother and best friend. We play a lot and love to cuddle. Only sometimes, when my youthful spirit gets the best of me, does he growl at me for a moment to tell me to leave him alone. 


Siberian Husky Delta is the big sister who shows me how to be a cool dog. She is always cool as a cucumber and never loses her poise. 

The Cats

The cats Wasabi, Dukati and Ricki were not amused when I moved in but I am always a perfect gentleman towards them, I keep my distance and stay calm. In the meantime they have learned that I am no danger to them so we get along quite happily. Their new favorite spot to sleep is my bed :-)